Building long-term relationships with sponsorship: Insights from HSBC, Visa and Chelsea Football Club

Low Lai Chow

"The reason why brands have long-term relationships with sponsorships is because they work," was the blunt assessment of Giles Morgan, HSBC's head of sponsorship & events, speaking at the Sponsorship Matters held in Singapore in May 2014.

Morgan was part of a panel session, alongside Fernando de Matos, Visa Worldwide's head of sponsorship for Asia Pacific, and Adrian New, Chelsea Football Club's managing director for Asia Pacific, which discussed the value of sponsorship in amassing long-term value for brands.

"If they're not working, you get out," he said, adding that HSBC's sponsorship investments come about only as they are "very, very clear" about what the HSBC brand stands for, as well as its business objectives.

"Long term relationships matter a great deal because sponsorships are really a translation between your business and your customer segment, or fan segment," said Morgan. "If you come in as a corporate sponsor, and you don't build that affinity and trust, you become a sponsor with no emotional assets. Particularly in sports, and sports like football, you have to earn respect and affinity.