HEMA: Bonkies

Agency name: Doom&Dickson
Client name: HEMA
Category: Integrated Communication


HEMA wanted to launch a unique and striking collectibles campaign to increase turnover and reward customer loyalty (in fact, HEMA's objective was to make the campaign so appealing as to entice customers to become active participants, thereby increasing brand preference).

In the face of an increasing number of price fighters who are emerging as serious competitors for HEMA, factors such as rising sales figures and customer loyalty are becoming extremely important. Price fighter products are steadily becoming more attractive and are so cheap that an increasing number of people are choosing to shop at price fighter stores, rather than at HEMA.

The collectibles campaign had marbles as its basis. The decision to choose marbles was because marbles are as much a part of Dutch tradition as HEMA. Besides being Dutch, HEMA is a brand that makes everyday products special, attractive and fun. This is the reason why HEMA launched their very own special and attractive Bonkies: old-fashioned marbles in new-fashioned clothes, or shapes. Bonkies are fun figurines, each with their own, characteristic and appealing traits.