Baking Industry Association of New Zealand: NZ Bakery of the Year Competition

Blackwood Communications Group


Category: Not-For-Profit
Country where program ran: New Zealand
Date program started/ended: 22nd May 2007 - 12th September 2007

Product Description: The New Zealand Bakery of the Year Competition is run annually by BIANZ (the Baking Industry Association of New Zealand). It asks for bakeries to register and submit baked goods for judging. The New Zealand public can also vote for their favourite bakery in the People's Choice Award.

Advertiser/Client Name: BIANZ
Media Channels: DirectMail
Web Advertising


Marketplace Challenge:

BIANZ (Baking Industry Association of New Zealand) supports and promotes the baking industry through many initiatives, including the New Zealand Bakery of the Year Competition. In past years the competition has suffered from extremely low awareness (and therefore credibility) with both bakeries and the public; in 2006 only 30 bakeries entered. As such, the competition had not achieved any notable brand positioning. In order to address these issues, major changes were made to the format of the competition - to encourage both bakeries and their customers to participate. In addition to judging based on the quality of baked goods, this year for the first time the public were asked to vote for their favourite bakery, for the People's Choice Award. Our challenge came in reinvigorating the competition, including introducing the element of public voting. We needed to increase interest and participation amongst both the baking industry and the general public, on a small budget.