Sport Chek: Mother's Day

Agency: SID LEE
Client: FGL Sports Ltd.

Section I — Basic information

Business Results Period (Consecutive Months): April 29th – May 12th 2013

Start of Advertising/Communication Effort: April 29th 2013

Base Period as a Benchmark: April 29th – May 12th 2012

Section II — Situation analysis

a) Overall assessment

Fast-changing retail landscape

Sport Chek is Canada's largest retailer for sport apparel and equipment with a network of 182 stores. However, in 2012, the retail landscape it had come to dominate was rapidly changing. Aggressive US retailers wanted in the game and their entrance was imminent. Canadians were increasingly taking the game elsewhere, flocking across border in search of a better deal. And most concerning for all brick-and-mortar retailers was the increase of showrooming - the practice of consumers browsing bricks-and-mortar stores to check out products, only to make cheaper purchases elsewhere online.