Can Recipients Of Sales Flyers Be Segmented?

Marcus Schmidt
Mogens Bjerre
Copenhagen Business School


The number of flyers distributed by various Danish retailers has increased steadily during the past two decades. While the average Danish household in the mideighties received four flyers per week, the figure today is 22. With the present annual increase of 10%, the number of flyers that will be dumped into the mailbox of the average household each week by the year 2005 will exceed 25. By then the household will receive more than 1300 flyers a year, weighing approximately 70kg. (Hansen et al. 2003; personal communication with management of Post Denmark and Forbrugerkontakt. The two companies claim to deliver more than 90% of all flyers distributed in Denmark.) Moreover, the technical quality of most flyers has been dramatically enhanced: both paper quality and professionalism (of pictures and design) have improved, thanks to the use of PCs and sophisticated desktop software in advertising agencies.