Procter & Gamble – Ariel Edeka jersey raffle promotion

Agency name: FREY.G2
Client name: Procter & Gamble
Category: Retail or Trade Marketing


P&G and the Edeka Group (Number One in Germany’s food retail sector) have worked closely in Shopper Marketing for years. The joint core target group are families with kids.

Drug store products have a large share in the performance of both. The leverage effect of detergent is huge and the market is highly competitive. The major competitor of P&G’s Ariel is Henkel’s Persil but also the quality of private label products increases consistently. Otherwise Edeka struggles with discounters and drug stores.

The Re-win of Ariel at Stiftung Warentest (StiWa) in addition to the still valid test win of colour detergents 2 years ago was a great starting point for a loud national communication of Ariel as double test winner. StiWa is highly relevant for shoppers: 70% attach importance to it for purchase decisions, 25% search actively for StiWa awarded products.