Coors Light takes multicultural marketing into the mainstream

Geoffrey Precourt

According to Brad Feinberg, media group manager at MillerCoors, Gallup reports that beer is the alcoholic beverage of choice for Americans. But even with its 35 different brands - a range that includes craft beers as well as top sellers Coors Light and Miller Lite - maintaining market share means MillerCoors must undertake regular fine-tuning to engage an audience that has an increasing number of choices.

Brad Feinberg discusses multicultural marketing / Photo credit: Rick Knecht

With such competition, Feinberg told the Association of National Advertisers' (ANA) 2013 Media Leadership Conference in Miami, growth is driven not just by serving existing customers better, but by finding new brand enthusiasts. Coors is riding a streak of eight consecutive years of growth. "In a category that is trending down, if not flat," Feinberg allowed, Coors Light's additional contributions to the bottom line are attributable entirely to its engagement of the Hispanic market.