Are the wheels coming off for Generation Y?

TNS UK Automotive

TNS UK Automotive Study. TNS undertook research among a sample of 2168 people, split across Generation X and Generation Y. Fieldwork took place in June 2013.

For this study we have defined Generation X and Y as follows:
Generation Y: UK consumers aged 18–29 years
Generation X: UK consumers aged 30–45 years

High performance thinking

TNS – the market leader in auto industry research worldwide – set out to explore the future of car ownership in a UK research programme, covering over 2000 consumers; around half each from Generation X and Generation Y. The results are encouraging for the industry, fuelling debate around where future growth lies.

Does the auto industry need to worry about Generation Y?

In previous decades, millions of young people expected that their progress through life and their careers would be accompanied by the ownership of a car; starting with an old banger, then each subsequent car being a cut above the one before.