Death to Inefficiency and Waste!

Cynthia Del Rosario
Sales and Marketing, ANA

Today lean thinking is all the rage. In lean thinking, an organization pulls away from thinking one step at a time to instead measure, analyze, and improve their entire business processes. A key to success when using lean thinking is to identify critical areas that can generate breakthrough results in performance metrics, organizational speed, and lowering the cost of doing business. This allows internal teams to focus on customer needs, continuous assessment, and renewal plus improvement and innovation rather than becoming bogged down in the intricacies of day-to-day tasks. At a recent ANA members-only meeting, Jim Zambito, executive director, agency relations and controller, Johnson & Johnson, noted that most processes are “unlean.” He explained that in affecting change across silos, effectiveness measures can become confused with efficiency because each individual might be efficient, but the process as a whole most likely is not. He also pointed out that there is a “process excellence” that already exists that can help companies become lean. One component is: Advertising Digital Identification – also known as Ad-ID.