XS4ALL – Safety on Internet

Agency name: Ogilvy Amsterdam
Client name: XS4ALL
Category: Digital Communication


XS4ALL is a premium internet provider in the Netherlands. They are one of the oldest and most trusted providers with a focus on uptime guarantee and excellent service. In recent years the internet market has changed with the addition new competitors that focus primarily on speed and price. These new competitors are companies that also offer telephone and television services and offer internet as part of a package deal. XS4ALL needs to secure their place on the market and position themselves as the internet provider that offers more than an internet connection: in this case, the best possible service with a focus on privacy and security.


At the time of the campaign, internet security was not a major concern. For the consumers, internet security was about technology, not about personal behavior. The government had taken some of the responsibility by launching a big campaign on secure use of internet. In the Dutch market, the use of humor works well in raising awareness and changing behavior for (serious) issues, it avoids to be seen as negative or judgmental.