Philips - Girl power: how a female robot grew sales for the Philips MSS shaver

Andreas Moellmann, Sarah Carter and Les Binet – DDB UK


Many famous IPA papers have demonstrated the power of emotional, brand-building advertising. Think of PG Tips, BMW, and Orange – campaigns that built sales over many years.

This paper shows something different: how emotional advertising can also produce dramatic sales effects over a much shorter period. We show how a brand defied product-focussed market conventions, bravely switching to much more emotional communications.

Then, for the first time in an IPA paper, we use fascinating new learning from neuroscience to begin to understand how these powerful emotional responses in the brain led to massive sales effects.

Here is the story of how a radical new international campaign for a Philips shaver swapped "persuasive" product messages for a mesmerising female robot – and doubled market share in just 6 months.