Create Wear

A Process Innovation that Combines Consumer Insights and Technology Push

Laurent Ponthou
Integrated Services, Residential and Personal RDC, Research & Development Division, France Télécom, France

Emeric Mourot
Research & Development Division, France Telecom, France


In 1997 France Telecom's R&D centre launched an original project, “Studio creatif”, entirely dedicated to imagine and produce concepts for new telecommunication services. The objectives were to imagine, simulate and test with users these concepts in all fields that could interest the France Telecom Group.

While the predominant mode of innovation has traditionally been “techno-push”, a new “market-pull” trend has emerged, under the impetus of the marketing departments in France Telecom's main business units. “Studio creatif” provides a forum to encourage dialogue between R&D and marketing approaches. The “hybrid process”, which combines techno-push and market-pull elements, involves co-designing services with multiple partners from different areas, and co-designing services with the users. The service innovation process is thus iterative, and built upon input from both technical and user side.