The truth about Abemagic and locomo

Dave McCaughan
McCann WorldGroup Asia Pacific

Mets Cola is a product of its time. Every now and then you come across a new product that seems to succeed because it in some ways sums up the current trend in people's lives. In the last decade, we saw the boom in zero drinks led by Coke Zero. The promise of no calories suited a Japan besotted by yet again cutting back on personal spending and following the metabo or metabolic syndrome (the accumulation of visceral fat) fad to lose weight. Everything seemed to be about a Japan that was getting thinner.

Then the tragedy of 3/11 happened and everyone again cut back, but also started to invest in the long term. We saw a big increase in late 2011 in people investing in objects they saw as representing long term hope and longevity. High end watches, jewelry, household glass and chinaware sold at levels 30-40% above seasonal norms as shoppers focused on items they thought symbolized their own and futures generations that would, quite simply, have a future. Then in 2012 people started to think about that future again.