Gü: Give in to the power of TV. Give in to Gü.

Principal authors: Clare Dowen, DDB; Nick Smith, DDB Matrix
Contributing authors: Les Binet, DDB Matrix; Sarah Carter, DDB


Gü puddings faced a triple whammy; a recession, a slew of cheaper me-too puddings, and a TV campaign which had made their glamorous Gü-eyness seem even less approachable to chocolate-loving women.

The seductive siren calls of Gü chocolate puds were increasingly being ignored.

Could enigmatic scenes of bubble wrap asking to be popped, and leaves waiting to be kicked lure women again to "Give in to Gü"?

The brand that invented the luxury dessert category

It was 2003 when James Averdieck came up with the idea for a top-notch chocolate pud brand. He was working in Belgium, and fell in love with the local patisseries and their sumptuous chocolate desserts. Launching with just three products, Gü shook the chilled desserts category to the bottom of their bland, plastic pots. With sumptuous puddings, each individually served in glass ramekins, and all boxed up in ravishing dark packaging, they leapt off the shelves into weak-at-the-knees womens' shopping baskets.