Cross-media measurement by the centralized data collection of comparable data

Tanja Hackenbruch
GfK Telecontrol AG, Switzerland


Current media research is faced with the problem that what is available to consumers in the course of digitali-zation and more advanced technologies has become so comprehensive and multilayered that the “data silos”, as they are known, are no longer sufficient for providing planners and researchers with the correspondingly complex data they need. In particular, the constant availability of media content (out-of-home, mobile, etc.), the blend of different types of media on a variety of platforms as well as the interleaving of media consumption and consumer goods consumption represent the greatest problem: for example, what can be defined as media consumption at all and which usage can be allocated to which medium is no longer evident. The intra-, inter- and extramedia limits are thus becoming less distinct and are constantly shifting. This paper outlines the various research dilemmas and pinpoints a possible way out, in regard to media measurement, by presenting a new technological research approach which was designed with a view to the constantly changing media landscape and society.