St.George Bank: Enter the Dragon

Agency: Etcom

Advertiser: St.George Bank

Author: Melissa Chaw and Mark Sareff

Total Campaign Expenditure: Under $500K

Strategic communications challenge

St.George ran a successful Term Deposit (TD) campaign targeting the Chinese/Vietnamese community over the mid-Autumn Moon Festival in September 2011. So they asked us to help them repeat the exercise tor Chinese/Lunar New Year 2012 expecting the same success except:

  1. In 2011 they offered 5.90%; the new campaign had a lower interest rate – 5.80%
  2. The budget was increased but only from – still very small (budget was inclusive of media, production and all agency fees).
  3. We had relative 'clear air' over September 2011, whereas Chinese/Lunar New Year is the most competitive and cluttered period in ethnic media -just about every advertiser feels compelled to speak to (yell at) these communities at the same time. It would be very hard to be heard through the noise.
  4. The sales target had to be met using only the branches that best reached the Chinese/Vietnamese communities.
  5. We have nothing like the clout of the Big 4 banks and stood to be drowned out as every bank was turning its attention to targeting the Chinese/Vietnamese community.