Finger on the pulse – how the BBC is revolutionising audience relationships

Samantha Smith
GfK NOP Media, United Kingdom

Nick North
BBC, United Kingdom


The BBC brand is built up from thousands of smaller building blocks: its heritage, its flagship programmes, its television channels and radio stations, its interactive and online services, and much more. The BBC brand is very clearly established in people's minds; to protect and improve this brand, the BBC works from the bottom up – to make the individual products as best it can, and so create value for the organization as a whole.

Each contact with the brand contributes to the value of the brand. From this premise, our goal in this paper is to explore the relationship between appreciation of programmes, channels, services and the estimation of value of the BBC as an organisation. From this we may strengthen our understanding of how the BBC delivers value across the different media, and the contribution of each service towards this end.