Mach by Hong Leong: Creating a brand for a younger market

Nisha Roy

Campaign details

Brand owner: Hong Leong
Agency: Naga DDB Malaysia
Brand: Mach
Country: Malaysia
Channels used: Radio, Social media, Television
Media budget: 1 – 3 million

Executive summary

Hong Leong Bank Malaysia quickly realized their declining relevance with the young adult segment in Malaysia. This triggered the need to launch a new sub-brand called 'Mach Bank' that would bear all the hallmarks of product and design that would cater to needs of young adults.

It was found that young adults in Malaysia view banks from a purely transactional perspective. They also believed that banks in general had underserved them and did not understand their relationship with money.

Thus, the solution was to bridge this gap and the results proved to be rewarding, both for us and our new young adult customer base.

Market background and business objectives