Funkin Mixers

Agency: Blue Marlin Brand Design
Client: Funkin
Category: Packaging, Branded - Drink

Executive summary

It's not easy being perfect. But it is possible to have a perfect product yet at the same time have a brand that needs a certain something That's where design makes the difference. And in the case of Funkin Mixers, that difference was a return of 31 times the original design investment.

Funkin Mixers are 100 per cent natural pureed fruit cocktail ingredients that guarantee the perfect cocktail with the addition of a little ice and the appropriate spirit. Beloved by bartenders and mixologists the world over, the fledgling company understood that it needed to communicate its proposition clearly and more engagingly to consumers and trade buyers to establish a new category. In addition to graphics, it needed to address the structure of multipacks if it was to stand any chance of swaying the UK's uber demanding multiple grocers.