The 2012 Cases for Creativity

James Hurman
Y&R New Zealand

Not long ago, as researchers around the world consistently showed that highly creative content was much more likely to drive greater commercial success, the argument over whether advertising should strive first to be 'creative' or 'effective' was replaced with a simple ambition to be both.

Today it's clients as much as creatives who aspire to do the most creative work that in turn leads to the most outstanding commercial results. Increasingly, the Holy Grail for client and agency partnerships is to win a Gold Lion and a Gold Effie with the same campaign.

Putting aside nerdy squabbles about which award shows are best, a Cannes Lion generally represents the global standard of creative excellence, and an Effie the same for effectiveness. Both are programmes that attract entries from every market and provide genuine rigour and objectivity in their judging processes.