Always Infinity: Magic


In October 2008, Always Pads launched Always Infinity, bringing new to the world technology to the pads market. Infinity introduced pads consumers to Infinicel™, a revolutionary technology with the unique ability to handle 10X its weight in fluid without sacrificing comfort. Infinity's innovative technology soon gained an incredibly loyal consumer base, with a growing number of repeaters in just 6 months after launch.

However, Infinity's growth was challenged by trial and awareness in the year following launch. Due in large part to its premium price point, Always Infinity faced the following value and believability barriers:

  1. Always Infinity was the most expensive pad consumers had ever seen.

  2. Pads consumers often believe that most pads are similar, with the introduction of minimal upgrades every few years. Always needed to convince consumers that Infinity was a HUGE leap in delivering superior pad protection and even looks different from other pads on the market.