Research on the radio listening audience in Italy

Leonardo Abruzzese
UNICAB Italia S.r.l., Italy
Georgio Visintini
SWG S.r.l., Italy


In order to fully comprehend the structure and complexity of the surveys of the radio in Italy, a brief knowledge of the history of this means of communication is necessary. The radio has undergone, in Italy in the last 20 years, profound and complex transformations which have, all in all, brought about an enrichment and a greater articulation of radiophonic offers both in editorial terms and in advertising.

Up until 1975 the radio in Italy was exclusively controlled by RAI. RAI is an organism legally formed as a private joint stock company (S.p.A), but with an almost total participation of the state as share holder. The presence of RAI until 1975 was articulated through three stations:

  • RAI Radio Uno
  • RAI Radio Due
  • RAI Radio Tre