Baby Lexus


CLIENT • Lexus

THE TEAM • Simon Robinson, Jamie Tierney, Richard Madden, Jonathan Goodman, Wendy Smith, Oliver Macefield, Gary Bridge, Kaara Shepard, Paul Kitcatt, Lindsay Watson.

WHAT IS WONDERFUL ABOUT THIS WORK? • Our campaign was based on a beautifully simple insight: the arrival of a new child is often the reason for buying a new car. But no spec existed. Using intrigue and careful targeting, we generated 5,579 enquirers 12 months before launch, at a CPR of just £63.

OBJECTIVES • Build a prospect base from scratch, with an insert channel lead delivery objective of 3,500 names. This necessitated an insert RR of at least 0.05%.

STRATEGY AND TARGETING • We had to generate interest in a car which wouldn't be launched for another 12 months. We couldn't go into detail about specification. We didn't have a price. And the visual assets we had to play with were highly limited. But the target audience for the CT 200h was defined as under-40 professional couples, with a high proportion (45%) female. It soon dawned on us that many would be considering a family. This insight chimed with what we knew about the importance of a new child as an impetus to new car consideration; there's often an unspoken desire to protect them with the safest and most robust vehicle possible. This clearly fits well with a car in the premium class. And these people weren't the only ones planning a baby: the same was true of Lexus. This would be the first ever ‘baby’ car from a marque usually associated with larger saloons and SUVs, as well as the world's first full-hybrid luxury compact. That quiet electric motor led us to the idea: the quietest baby ever.