Beyond content

Peter Buckley
MEC, London

"Don't just stand there, do something."

Dick Dastardly

"Ever since the arrival of television, brands, their owners and advisors have been obsessed with what brands say at the expense of what brands do."

Jeremy Bullmorei

1. Summary

As content explodes and media further fragments the marketing communications industry has become too focused on the creation of content as the solution to all brand needs. In the future brands will benefit greatly from broadening their perspective of communications by adding more palpable solutions to their channel mix.

2. Introduction

Last year Google's then CEO Eric Schmidt stated "every two days we create as much information as we did from the dawn of civilization up until 2003"ii. Undoubtedly we are experiencing an explosion of content which shall only get greater in the future. 48 hours of video content are being uploaded to YouTube every minute, up from 24 hours per minute last yeariii.