Employer branding: Another buzzword or a survival strategy?

Alexander Schubert
The Brand Union

These days, companies are battling to attract employees and have become applicants themselves. They have to clearly distinguish themselves to attract new talent and fill them with enthusiasm for their brand.

There's no question about it, many sectors are already facing a shortage of highly talented employees. Given the global economic and demographic developments, you don't need to be a clairvoyant to predict that the war for talent' is going to escalate dramatically in the coming years. Many companies, particularly large, internationally operating groups, have already started to position themselves as attractive employers. The magic word is 'Employer Branding'.

As so often with new buzzwords, everyone interprets it in their own way – ranging from placing basic job advertisements to what was until recently referred to as 'HR marketing' right the way through to large-scale advertising campaigns aimed at promoting the company's image as an attractive employer. These are certainly all tactically relevant measures that can help to develop the employer brand. At the centre of employer branding, however, is something completely different. It is all about developing a company culture which will not only attract highly talented and ambitious employees, but will also ensure their long-term loyalty to the company. At the same time, it should be noted that, in the last few years, the demands of potential employees have changed radically. It would be fair to say there has been a real paradigm shift, with employers now taking on the role of applicants.

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