TV planning: 360-degree sponsorship

Amanda Burningham

TV sponsorship allows brands to build on programme equity, develop deeper viewer connections and interweave the brand story across screens and digital channels, as Anchor and have demonstrated

The TV sponsorship industry is moving into an exciting new chapter, where creativity, content and technology converge to give brands a fantastic opportunity to engage with audiences. When activated effectively across the bought, owned and earned space, sponsorship is a rich communications platform that can deliver real business value.

The way audiences consume TV has changed and, contrary to past speculation that the digital era would be the death of TV, people are watching more TV than ever. On average, people watch four hours of TV content every day, that's more than a day a week (over 28 hours according to BARB). But not only are people watching more, they are engaging more as viewing experiences are being enriched by social media networks, complimentary second screen platforms and devices, PR and real-world experiences.