Gillette Mach3 Turbo Sensitive: Shave Sutra

Agency: BBDO India
Client: P&G
Product: Gillette Mach3Turbo Sensitive (Men's shaving razors)


Gillette's long-term strategy & goal in India is about getting Indian men to shave more often: the more men shave, the more they will use Gillette shaving products. And, reaching this goal requires Gillette to overcome 2 fundamental barriers that men have towards shaving.

  1. Social barriers. Most of our target audience think stubble is "cool" due to the influencing power of their role models – primarily cricket stars and actors. Gillette needs to overcome these perceptions by introducing new social pressures and desires to encourage men to adopt the clean shaven look.
  2. Experiential barriers. Most men find shaving a mundane, boring chore. Despite Gillette's best innovations to improve the enjoyment of the shaving experience, shaving remains guys' least favourite part of the cleaning and grooming routine.