M&S Bakery

M&S in-house store design team with KIWI&POM Ltd

Client: Marks & Spencer Plc
Category: Interiors (Retail)

"We faced an incredibly challenging cultural journey desperate to change both consumer and our team's perception of our bakeries to make them more theatrical, give us food credentials and position them as truly inspirational. Using design as a 'bond' to our cross functional group this was brought alive changing the face of our food hall. A design project that has really given customers a reason to cross the road, inspired our teams and driven so much success. Not just a pretty solution but design changing lives!"
Jason Danciger, Head of Hospitality, Marks & Spencer Plc

Executive summary

The UK Bakery market is worth £3.4 billion and is one of the largest markets in the food industry1. However, over recent years the sector has seen significant changes. Although the amount of bread eaten in the home has remained stable, demand for bakery snacks such as rolls, teacakes and scones and a trend towards speciality and continental breads2 have had a major influence on the industry.