Pantene: Sharing shampoo socially

Prasanna Kumar

Campaign details

Brand owner: Procter & Gamble
Agency: MediaCom China, GREY Hong Kong, SOHO Beijing and DVR Beijing
Brand: Pantene
Country: China

Executive summary

This case study shows how Pantene introduced its newest product, Cora, into China's highly competitive haircare category, targeting young users with its claim that it is 'made with natural ingredients'. Despite this platform being so similar to that of its main competitors', it achieved an engagement of over two million consumers within just three weeks of launch.

Given that Pantene's newest product was again talking about very similar aspects to many of its competitors, that it was 'made with natural ingredients', Pantene's challenge was therefore to compete on performance.

The biggest discovery was the extent to which the youth were hooked on social media. While its competitors were talking to consumers via regular mass media (TV), they had to cut through the clutter. So they decided to shift the focus and positioned Pantene in the medium most sought-after by the young: social and mobile media.

Market background and business objectives