Unilever - Domestos - GrimTales

Agency name: Ogilvy Action
Client name: Unilever
Category: Innovative Idea or Concept


Domestos - the best solution for tackling hygiene hotspots in the home, and for many years, the ‘king’ of hygienic protection - was troubled...

Common misconceptions about the impact of bleach compared to antibacterial sprays meant that Domestos wasn't growing as strongly as a leading brand should. Combined with yet another outbreak of superbugs, Domestos needed to re-affirm itself as the leading hygienic protection expert.

The time had come to educate the nation on the importance of hygiene hotspots within the home.

But the household cleaning category is boring! Communications traditionally target Mums and use straight forward ‘science’ based communications - the audience was disengaged.

The Domestos Grim Tales campaign used an innovative and beautifully crafted creative approach to deliver a unique online and direct mail campaign which managed to cut through the clutter and turn the category on its head.