Rishad Tobaccowala Pays a Wake-Up Call on 4A's Transformation Gathering

Geoffrey Precourt

Rishad Tobaccowala

Here's Rishad Tobaccowala's dilemma: "Why do we feel so bad if we're supposed to feel so good?"

In an address before the 2010 4A's Transformation, he queried at the same time, "Why is it so tough and how do we keep abreast of all these changes?"

The answers to both questions, he suggested, tracks back to Philip Kotler's book, the author of Marketing Management, who provided Tobaccowala with a definition of marketing when he arrived in the U.S. from India. "'Marketing is meeting and understanding customer requirements,' Kotler wrote. And I still don't have a better definition. You can decide whether marketing is advertising or whatever. But marketing is all about understanding customer requirements."