Audi A1: The Next Big Thing


In August 2010 Audi was ready to introduce its first prestigious small car: the brand-new Audi A1. But what seemed to be a unique chance to win future drivers required Audi to enter uncharted terrain. The big challenge: To get a new generation to buy its first Audi.

After rigorous discounts in 2009 the European market for small cars was declining. With Audi’s premium offer priced 25% above segment average the Audi A1 would be anything but an easy sell!

However, by advertising a subcompact car as “The next big Audi” the pre-launch campaign not only attracted thousands of brand newcomers, but also nearly halved average advertising costs. In the end, the Audi A1 became a sell-out success before the car touched the showroom floor.


To pave the way for a successful market introduction in August, Audi decided to surprise Europe with a unique pre-launch campaign for the brand-new Audi A1.