The engagement entry point

Craig Kleber
DDB Los Angeles

Engagement is hard to value, but the engagement entry point, a brand-specific touchpoint that dazzles consumers, offers a more tangible measure of success.

The airline's executive lounge at Heathrow Airport is a true engagement point, which gels and elevates everything else

Unless engagement can be understood in more qualitative, rather than quantitative, terms, it will become a bit like the German Mark of the early 1920s, a currency that lost its value. Until recently, it was enough to focus on engagement alone, versus the type and quality. Now we need something more.

Engagement is still critical, but it could do with a more specific character, a role and an effect that is unique to each brand and its category dynamics. That character is what I call the 'engagement entry point', a determining and essential point of engagement in the consumer-brand experience. It can be the start of a relationship with a brand, at some point in the consumer's initial interest in it, or perhaps in a moment of crisis resolution. It is something far more valuable and revealing than typical measured digital behaviour, such as Facebook sharing.