The true story… behind Japanese children and moms

Dave McCaughan
McCann WorldGroup Asia Pacific

There is no doubt Japanese mothers, just like moms everywhere, cherish their children. Earlier this year we completed some new advertising for Johnson & Johnson's Band-Aid brand that illustrates a universal truth about that special relationship. Mothers naturally love to keep track of, take pride in and at the same time fret over every new step of their child's growing up. The first attempts to walk, the first trip to a playground, the first day at school, the first race, ballet lesson, football match are all moments that come with a ting of danger, the possibility of injury and the desire to protect. Hence the potential need for Band-Aid. They are also times to be recorded and kept as memories. So perhaps it is not surprising that we have also seen new advertising Canon cameras also focusing on capturing those "ooh-ahh" special moments.