Supporting emergent behaviours in mobile design: How open and agile research methodologies can help complex organizations respond to change and stay relevant

Dr Francesco D'Orazio and Esther Garland

Tom Crawford
Consumer Analytics and Insights (CA&I), Nokia

The paper describes the work that has been carried out by Face and Nokia within the Relevance Programme. The paper shows how a complex organization can respond to the challenges of rapid exponential change through open and agile approaches like co-creation, crowd-sourcing, social media analysis and online research communities.


As Arthur C. Clarke put it, "It is impossible to predict the future, and all attempts to do so in any detail appear ludicrous within a very few years." This is true for the futurist but even more so for the researcher whose challenge is innovation. We should be at once more realistic and more ambitious about it. Innovation is not about trying to describe the future, but about defining "the boundaries within which possible futures must lie". (Arthur C. Clarke 1962)