Cross media research: Multichannel measurement

Sue Elms
Millward Brown

Investment in cross-media research pays dividends in ensuring the optimum use of channels in maximising a campaign's ROI

This article shares some experiences from evaluating integrated communications and how that helps us add real value in terms of actionable insight to clients. By virtue of our client base, the campaigns we are commissioned to evaluate are larger scale and multimedia. Globally, all the cross-media studies we conduct generally include three to four media with a digital component in nearly all cases. Looking beyond bought advertising media, we usually pull apart five to six channels that include direct, ‘owned’ and ‘earned’ media (Figure 1).

The inclusion of digital so often delivers a vital integrated view of its value. We conduct many studies best described as digital ‘deep dives’, driven partly by the industry silo focus. Reviewing whether a specific activity can add something on top of the composite of everything else is important to attract media budgets. Equally, optimisation within channel requires this sort of focus. But this leaves clients unclear about how to plan digital in the overall mix, and whilst cross-media evaluation approaches may not have the measurement detail of online behavioural streams, they do give a view of digital channels as part of an integrated approach to communications planning.