Shop Direct Group – Love Your Wardrobe


The team

Lauren Higgins, Sian Hardman, Geraldine Sheriff, Ian Bates, Sian Norris, David Jones, Hazel Rudge, Ben Whitley, Clare Gill.

How did the campaign make a difference?

The highly targeted, multichannel Love your Wardrobe campaign helped solve fashion dilemmas for thousands of new customers. Over 12,000 new customers exceeded targets by 22%. With an average first-order value of £165, this was an initial return of over £2.5m for an ROI of £4.76.

What details of the strategy make this a winning entry?

By segmenting prospects to talk to them with a highly personalised, impactful, relevant message, the Love Your Wardrobe campaign reinvigorated credit customer acquisition at a time when response rates were falling. The strategy was to determine their level of fashion confidence, then use dynamic content to serve bespoke and inspiring looks for key occasions to help them fall in love with their wardrobe again. As there was no transactional data for cold prospects, a solution was developed that would not only reveal how fashion confident each prospect really was, but would help drive an emotional brand experience. The planning platform revealed insights into shopping behaviour, favourite shops, favourite purchases, attitude to fashion and purchasing influences. The prospect pool was segmented into three wardrobe attitudes: ‘style safe', ‘chic style hunter’ or ‘fashion forward’ and the campaign then set out to match each prospect to the right segment.

How did creativity bring the strategy to life?