Rightmove: Market Intelligence


The team

Cordell Burke, Emma Welch, Christos Karakanna, Jemma Marchant, Ben Sturgess, Kris Martin, James Burrows, Jon Carey, Davy Hill, Rob Hines, Chris Haynes.

How did the campaign make a difference?

The ‘Market Intelligence’ campaign ensured home sellers and landlords were provided with all the information required to successfully sell and let their property. 58% of landlords interacting with the microsite looked at how to price their property for letting and 74% of sellers interacting with the microsite looked at how to price their property correctly in their area.

What details of the strategy make this a winning entry?

It's hardly news that the current housing market is challenging. In 2011 over half of the properties listed for sale on Rightmove.co.uk didn't sell. UK sellers and landlords don't do enough homework before putting their property on the market. This leads to poor property presentation, limited online visibility, choosing areas with sub-optimal rental yields, and, most importantly, not pricing their property for current market conditions. This campaign helped Rightmove up-skill their sellers and landlords with tactical sales information and principles, helping them sell and let more successfully. Rightmove's existing online sales tools were not being sufficiently leveraged; the solution was an innovative microsite that delivered a prominent, geographically tailored and engaging experience. The channel strategy allowed leverage of Rightmove's prominent online presence. A multi-channel approach combined online media banners, end-to-end PR coverage in trade publications, and an enhanced eCRM programme.

How did creativity bring the strategy to life?