Overcoming ad fraud: Can integrity and collaboration solve China's fraud problem?

Kunal Sinha

Ad fraud in China is a long-standing, and fraught, issue. At Campaign Asia-Pacific's DMA China event in Shanghai recently, it was certainly the elephant in the room: as digital ad spend soars and programmatic becomes a major player in China, how can marketers get an honest sense of exactly how their investment is performing? The answer, it turns out, is complicated as the problem itself.

Andy Fan, CEO of real-time bidding agency RTB Asia, and Ker Loon Ang of Sizmek - discussed the attitudes and motivations behind ad fraud in China, shared how to adjust behaviours and introduce changes within the Chinese ad industry, using a careful and pragmatic approach.

Types of fraud

While ad fraud is a problem for all markets, for China it is a particularly serious one. The panelists identified two kinds of ad fraud: non-human traffic, and intentional cheating.