Is planning dead? Why planning must return to its roots

Joseph Clift

"Planning is in danger of dying. Planning has been around since 1968, and it was born in terms of making advertising more effective. But now, there are a lot more channels, and there's been so much fragmentation, that planning has lost its power."

These are worrying words, but nevertheless are words many planners will agree with. They were delivered by Kay McCarthy, a founder of MCCP, a Dublin-based ad agency, at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity in June 2014.

Is planning dead?

In a provocative and wide-ranging presentation, McCarthy offered a snapshot of the state of planning– and then a prescription for how to give planning some of its old power back.

First, she discussed the major problem facing planners: “Consumers’ expectations have changed," she said. "Most brands are far behind this. Most agencies need to lead. Planners need to lead."