Denny's: Always Open

Gotham New York

Advertiser: Denny's
Brand: Denny's
Country: USA


For the past five decades, Denny's had built a successful business and brand by focusing on the needs of two core targets: Matures and Baby Boomers. Serving classic diner fare to these two groups was a model that couldn't lose…or so Denny's thought.

As 2011 approached, Denny's was faced with something it hadn't ever encountered before. Its entire category – mid-scale dining – was on the decline. Its loyal consumer base had started eating out less or trading down to fast casual restaurants.

As Denny's had all but ignored more youthful consumer segments over the years, there was no consideration with the Millennial generation. Denny's had left itself vulnerable by not planning ahead for the disintegration of its aging consumer base.