Media World: Phonecalls From The Edge

Peter Fiddick

My wife took the call. 'For you,' she said. 'Someone from Telewest.' So I took the call. Telewest, I'd been going to tell you anyway, has been the Fiddick establishment's main lifeline to the outside world for all of a month, since we took a triplewhammy leap into the 21st century and upgraded the cable television service to digital, ditched the main BT phone line in favour of the cable version and even boosted the government's wired society aspirations by signing up for the highspeed, alwaysconnected, broadband internet link.

So if the provider of almost everything except your Sunday roast phones, even when everything seems to be working, you take the call. Even if the aforesaid Sunday roast is imminently due out of the oven.

'Hello, Mr Fiddick,' said the polite young man. 'I'm calling from Research International on behalf of Telewest...'. Ah.