New approaches to youth research

Douglas Dunn
Tuned In Research


When we set up Tuned In as a lifestyle research agency we had a clear belief in where we wanted to take the company. Our goal was, and still is, to respond to changing consumer culture, with a particular interest in youth where so many of the changes spring from.

Tuned In's approach was born from a frustration with the status quo and the simple fact that there was a lack of real engagement displayed by youth in research studies.

Youth culture was changing, the way that youth were communicating was changing, but research methods weren't. So rather than defaulting to traditional research approaches, we look for new ways to solve strategic issues.

This paper will demonstrate how Tuned In are gaining cutting edge insights from perhaps the most challenging target audience and probably the most influential consumer group there is. Young people are the early adopters of technology, the fashion conscious, the tastemakers, the breaking musicians and the sports people of tomorrow – the future.