OAK: Flavoured Milk

Fabio Buresti
The Monkeys


In a world dominated by energy drinks, iced coffee and soft drinks, traditional flavoured milk in Victoria desperately needed a hero.

The segment's decline was due to the market leading Big M brand's obsession with nostalgia – relegating flavoured milk to a rare treat.

With no traditional flavoured milk presence in Victoria, and after several unsuccessful attempts to crack the market, Parmalat tasked us with the challenge of launching the unknown OAK brand.

OAK's lack of awareness and "me too" flavour profiles, combined with the segment's decline, meant the trade would only support the launch if we guaranteed to grow consumption.

To do it, we had to reframe flavoured milk around a frequency driving occasion -'gut-filling satisfaction'. But discovering OAK's credentials as the most authentic flavoured milk that truly satisfies wasn't enough. We needed to find a unique way to talk about gut-filling satisfaction and OAK's unrivalled ability to deliver it.