Radio Advertising Effectiveness

Jill Peled

Advertising across multiple media is more effective than only advertising on a single media. Even though advertising on radio is effective, radio advertising works best as part of a mix.

Wild's study, "With and Without Help – Radio Campaigns Work," shows that advertising on radio is effective and "should also be considered as the principal medium." If "TV is planned to be the principal medium, radio support should not be missing." Radio complements a TV advertising campaign and will extend the reach to a considerable portion of the target group (Wild, 1999).

Another study presented at the Worldwide Radio Research Symposium, "Sales Drive of Radio Campaigns" concludes that radio is effective. The study focused on a category that was heavily advertised on television, but not on radio, thereby breaking through category clutter. In addition, the pretesting of the radio campaign was highly ranked. (Gibbe, 1999)