Mutual benefits of global and local

John Woodward

Publicis Worldwide

Perhaps surprisingly, the financial crisis failed to trigger a wave of creative pitches for global businesses. Instead, many global clients are turning to existing agencies and seeking ways to re-engineer their global advertising model.

Post-crisis, the old debate of local versus global has assumed a subtly different character. Clients want different things. The debate used to be about control of the advertising idea, or the ‘ATL’ copy, and it was quietly accepted that ‘BTL activity', such as promotions and 'online’ should remain the territory of the local market. Global clients are now revisiting some of the long-held assumptions that justified leaving promotions and digital in local hands.

For digital, the case is clear. The web is global, so the need for governance is high, lest work from one place compromises the image of the brand elsewhere. Savings are clear – websites are costly to build but easy to adapt; and agency networks have evolved so that global digital AORs are now practicable.