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The importance of brand identity

Elysa Strug
Cendant Corporation

What's in a Name?

When hearing the name Howard Johnson, Days Inn and Super 8, what immediately comes to mind? That vacation to Hershey, PA, with the family? That road trip across country with a good buddy? At some time or another, as an adult or as a child, most of us have stayed at Howard Johnson, Days Inn, Super 8 hotels or one of the many other well-known Cendant hotel chains. Everyone shares those images of the bright-orange slanted Howard Johnson roofs, Days Inns' bright sunburst logo and the big yellow '8' on those tall, skinny poles off the interstate. Why do families stay at our locations? Well, these brands have been around for a long time and have a name that people have come to trust and a level of service they can expect. Basically, our customers want at a place where they know they can get a good night's rest at a reasonable rate.