Advertising Standards Association: Department of Advertising Standards and Regulations

Category: Limited Budget: Less than $300,000
Agency: Barnes, Catmur & Friends
Client: Advertising Standards Association


Barnes, Catmur & Friends set out to show the advertising industry the scary alternative to its client, the Advertising Standards Association.

It sent letters to key figures, directing them to the website of the fictitious Department of Advertising Standards and Regulations.

These communications drew 2,830 visitors to the site. They spent an average of nearly two minutes on the site. Good use of PR resulted in coverage of the campaign in all industry publications. Feedback from this campaign has been overwhelmingly supportive of what the ASA does.

The aim of engaging the industry as a whole with minimal cost was met.

Marketing Challenges & Objectives

The Advertising Standards Authority was facing some serious challenges. The advertising industry, of which ASA is the self-regulatory body, did not have a high level of understanding of what the ASA did or why it was needed.