Carman's: Real packaging made with real passion

Agency: Elmwood
Client: Carman's Fine Foods
Category: Packaging, Branded - Food

Executive summary

The devil is in the detail

Sometimes the smallest changes can make a big difference. Whilst on the face of it Carman's packaging has not changed drastically, retaining key brand equities and injecting a bit more of the brand's personality on pack has had significant results. This is the art of effectiveness.

Carman's is an irresistible story of good old-fashioned hard work, commitment and belief. Since launching back in 1992, it's grown to become a much-loved breakfast table brand that's lauded for the integrity of its 100% all-natural ingredients, delicious taste and flavour. A key market player synonymous with home-style cooking and bespoke recipes/ blends, Carman's is best known for making premium quality muesli products - including bars, biscuits and porridge -and the remarkable tale of its dynamic founder and CEO, Carolyn Creswell, who started the business with just $1,000.