Global Marketing the Stanley Way

Creating quality products at the right price

Kenneth Lewis
The Stanley Works

Say the name Stanley to most people in the United States and hand tools will come to mind, in particular the Stanley tape measure, the mark of a professional on any job. In the United Kingdom, Brits most frequently think of the renowned Stanley knife, a product associated with the home of steel production – Sheffield, England. In China, an emerging market Stanley has only entered in the last decade, people will think of Stanley as the company that makes sliding closet doors. The Stanley Works is a 157-year-old worldwide producer of tools, hardware, and door products for professional, industrial, and consumer use, and has been selling its products globally since the early part of the last century. With its ever-present yellow and black colors, and well-known notched rectangle trademark, the company has established a worldwide reputation acknowledged for its product quality, innovation, and durability. An important portion of our revenues and earning, approximately 30 percent, are derived from outside the United States and nearly 50 percent of our employees reside outside the US also.